Friday, 1 July 2016

Workshop Exhibit, June 21, 2016

We are really very glad for the progress of this years - both groups, advanced and beginners, enjoyed another series of the workshop and are so happy with their works!!!
The three Community Centers of the city of Patras organize each year a small fest, to close the various activities they do during the "academic year". And they do really lots of things for the senior citizens: theater, dances, yoga, gym, and painting.
So, here are some photos with the little exhibit of this year (and the three ladies of the 2nd KAPH, who worked hard all year to organize all these activities and events):

A big thank you from my side to all the wonderful ladies, who made all my Fridays wonderful and shared their time with me!!! Congratulations!!!

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Advanced Group: Working on Perspective

The advanced group was working for the last 3 sessions on the difficult topic of perspective.
We had a more theoretical session, with a short introduction about linear perspective, the vanishing points, the perspective with one and two vanishing points, and some trials to have simple shapes (cubic) drawn with perspective.
For the next session I handled them some photos with one and two vanishing points (mostly buildings which could be seen as simple shapes), to choose what they would like to paint. The first exercise was to magnify the drawing, identify the vanishing points and work out the full drawing on tracing paper.
In the last session, after transferring the drawing to the watercolor paper, the fun actually begin: colors are what we love most!!!


Beginners' Group: Progress on the Roses painting

In our last session we looked a bit at the drawings, correcting a few things here and there, and then moved to the first wash of the background and working on the greens. We are going to finish them next week.

Beginners' Group - working large

After many sessions working mostly on 7x5 inches paper size, and a few times on 10x7 inches, this is the first session working on a relatively large size paper: 1/4 sheet (14x10 inches). I know from my own experience that it is a bit scary, thinking on how are you going to cover all that white with paint, and what if it fails, etc.
So, after doing 2-3 small studies of roses, trying to get around with color mixing, washes for leaves, how to work one area at the time, what to do with the background, and all that helpful staff, we went for the large size.
The task is to magnify and draw by hand a given line drawing, then work first on the background after actually deciding on the entire palette (e.g. what colors to use for the background if I want to make the rose pink/orange/red?), and then go to the details on the leaves and roses.
Here are some photos from the first part (drawing):

Friday, 5 February 2016

Our cards for Twitter Art Exhibit 2016

I am sending a card every year to the Twitter Art Exhibit, which this year will take place in New York and the, Benefiting Foster Pride’s “Handmade” Program. While preparing my card I did ask the ladies in the advanced group if they would like to prepare a card too, and I will post them all together. They liked the idea very much, and a few days ago I mailed the cards. You can have a look at my card on my personal blog, and here are the cards of the group:

Mrs. Mado

 Mrs. Chrisa

Mrs. Loula

Mrs. Athina

Mrs. Evanggelia

Mrs. Ioanna

 Mrs. Marsha

I hope all of them sell and help the  Foster Pride’s “Handmade” Program!

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Happy and Creative 2016!!!

Well, although the lessons are on track, and we regularly meet each Friday with the beginner group and each second Friday with the advanced group, I didn't manage to keep the blog updated with our news in the same rhythm I used to do in the past.
The groups are progressing well, and we have started yesterday a bit of theory on linear perspective with the advanced group, while with the beginner group we have finished the introductory part of color theory and we are moving towards a few details on composition aspects.

We wish you a Happy and Creative New Year!!!

Monday, 16 November 2015

Advanced group - session #02

This year, for this group we have a different setup of the workshop: 2 sessions x 2 hours each dedicated to one painting/subject. I usually bring a few reference photos of a certain subject and we try to get into some composition issues first - each lady has to decide about the center of interest, combine 2 or more photos, add a real-life object to the composition, remove something from the photos, etc.
The next step is dedicated to draw the major shapes/lines on transfer paper and get the drawing onto the 11x14 inches paper (we only work from this size and up with this group). The ideal would be that each attendant would also manage to get into 1-2 color studies to decide on the palette, but so far none has achieved this step yet. But we have more many sessions to come this year, and I hope I will convince them on the importance of this step by the end of the workshop.
Our first set of photos was picturing still-life of fruits and vegetables: one photo had figs on a plate, while the second one had tomatoes on a plate. The main aspect of this one was to get rid of the rather non-interesting backgrounds, and eventually make some small changes to the composition (i.e. remove some of the figs). I do not have photos of the final paintings, but only a few from our activities. I have to ask the ladies to bring all their paintings in one of our next sessions to have them photographed.